The Health and Human Services Secretariat has noted with concern a report in the media alleging to a shortage in Personal Protection Equipment, PPEs, in FCTA health facilities.

This is however not true as the Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, has provided adequate, PPEs, which in turn have been made available to all its health facilities both at the primary and secondary levels.

The Secretariat has also put measures in place to ensure that the PPEs provided are being utilized by the health workers as its priority is the safety and security of all its health workers.

All health workers are therefore assured that the FCTA will continue to look out for their safety and ensure their security, both of which are key issues in winning the fight against COVID 19.

To this effect, the FCTA has procured a large quantity of PPEs while order has been given for a large supply, coupled with the reception of an appreciative quantity of donations from well-meaning individuals and organisations.

While PPEs and other health consumables have been disbursed directly to FCTA General Hospitals, a large quantity of the PPEs were handed over to the FCT Primary Healthcare Board for supply to the area councils and onward distribution to primary healthcare facilities, especially the high volume facilities.

Acknowledgement receipts have also been received from the Area Councils, indicating that the PPEs got to the health workers.

To overcome the challenge of testing for COVID 19 (Which is not exclusive to FCT as the whole country is affected), the Secretariat increased its sample collection team to 48 across the FCT as well as opened a sample collection centre at the Exhibition Centre, opposite Radio House. This has greatly increased sample collection and coverage area.

Similarly, with the donation of a 54 gene mobile Laboratory at ThisDay Dome, which serves as a testing, isolation and treatment centre, FCT now has two testing centres. This has greatly increased testing capacity in the FCT.

So far, a total of 6132 persons have been tested in the FCT.

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