When he opened the fifth seal,
I saw under the altar the souls of those
who had been slain because of the word of God
and the testimony they had maintained.
Rev 6:9-10

After the sizzling gash of the blade, the Executioner lifted her severed head from the holding basket. The carpenter snatched it from the hand of the guillotine operator and gave it a slap. That was the head of Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France. Her eyes blinked and her face blushed. For his overzealousness, the carpenter had to be tried and imprisoned for his audacity.

She had deflected all questions put before her. And then she was asked, “you are also being accused of sleeping with your own son. What sayest thou?” Marie Antoinette met the question with a stoic silence. And then, the Chief interrogator put the question again. She slowly lifted her bowed head, looked them on the face and answered, “I heard you, but I kept silent because it is not in the place of a mother to answer such a question.” She called on all mothers in the hall for their witness. A hushed eddy of emotion swirled across the hall cutting the heart of many of the women present and many of them began to weep.

Finding no further point on which she could be condemned, she was found guilty of treason, simply because she was the daughter of the Empress of Austria, the leading Catholic nation of the time and France was at war with Austria. To the gallows she went, about nine months after her husband, King Louis XVI had passed through the blade of the guillotine. Many Priests and believers were to follow suit. Thus began the battle between the church and the leftist liberals.

Marie Antoinette, had been scapegoated by the French mob on false media propaganda that she had told rioting women to eat cake, if they don’t have bread. At her death, the French toasted to a future of liberty, fraternity and egalitarianism: the battle cry of the revolution. But, how mistaken they were.

The Notre Dame Cathedral was renamed “Temple of Wisdom.” The Julian Calendar on which revolved the 12 months of the Christian calendar was changed to ten months. The 7-day week was changed to 10 days in order to cancel out the Sunday. The depiction Christ in the Madonna was pulled down in every church and public space and replaced with the posture of Marat the assassinated media hero of the time. He suddenly became the new Christ. Lady Liberty, the replica of the Diana of Ephesus was installed, to replace the Statues of the Virgin Mary.

What did the Bible say of this type of men, “…they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace, formed a mob and started a riot in the city? …they dragged Jason and some other brothers before the city officials, shouting: “These men who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here, and Jason has welcomed them into his house. They are all defying Caesar’s decrees, saying that there is another king, one called Jesus.” When they heard this, the crowd and the city officials were thrown into turmoil. Acts 17:5-9

Liberalism has never changed across history. They behave like the rampaging students of a rioting college looking for innocent victims like Aniche. They create a lie, frame it and smear it on any convenient scapegoat of the time and then stir the city into turmoil. Different clime; different time, but one goal. To stop the testimony of Christ.

They come as individuals, nations or groups. Karl Marx branded their faith as Opium of the Masses. Emperor Nero, blamed them for the fire in Rome, and accounted them like sheep to the slaughter. The streets of Paris flowed with the blood of the martyrs. And as this macabre dance went on, the media: Marats and Herbert had a field day, fanning the embers of murder with lying, falsehood and deadly propaganda.

The blood of the sainsts began to speak. Two decades from thence, the guillotine continued to roll until a quarter of million French citizens, by a curious cycle of retributive justice, were consumed. It never stopped until the revolution itself consumed its very own.

In a testimony of the intervention of God in the affairs of men, Napoleon Bonaparte, also from the ranks of the revolutionaries, seized power and in one fell swoop rounded up and executed the remaining reprobates. The first measure he undertook was to restore the Church and the Christian calendar.

In Russia, the last Christian King, Czar Nicholas was brutally murdered on the promise of false Communism. His daughters were driven down to the steppes, gunned down and buried half alive, half dead. Christianity was forbidden for the 70 years that Communism reigned.

Curiously, France had packaged its goddess of liberty, fraternity and egalitarianism – a replica of the Diana of Ephesus, and shipped to the US. She is the same lady today, holding high the torch at the Ellis Island, NY. This is why every Minor uprising in the US leads to the burning of churches and destruction of Christian symbols and monuments like Fr. Junipero Siera.

But the Church is marching on. It survived and overcame Rome in the peak of its glory. There arose an emperor, who decreed that Christianity would be the religion of the empire. Similarly, the entire intellectual framework of Greece, was dismantled by St. Paul, beginning with his sermon on Mars Hill. From being the custodian of great European gods, Greece became the leading Christian nation of the time. Only God could have dethroned Zeus, Poseidon and the pantheon of Greek gods, in their own land. Only God could cast down the philosophies of Aristotles, Plato and Socrates.

Marat, in the manner Jael slew Sisera, died in the hands of a woman assassin: Charlotte Corday, one of the revolutionaries. Herbert known as the exaggerator was guillotined when citizens became tired of his falsehood and fake news. Maximillian Robespierre, Louis de Saint-Just and Georges Danton along with the members of the Committee on Public Safety which unleashed the Reign of Terror on France, all fell under the same Guillotine which they had unleashed on others.

The confederacy of Hitler’s Germany and the Ottoman Empire rose up against the people of God. But were roundly defeated not for lack of arsenals but God gave them over to reprobate minds causing them to bumble in a series of foolish misclaculations. Jerusalem was liberated from over 200 years of Ottoman conquest. To commemorate their victory, the Allied Powers built an altar for God in Jerusalem and named it “the Church of All Nations.”

Conrad Adenauer, a devout Catholic, assumed power as the Chancellor of Western Germany and built the greatest industrial nation on earth while godless Eastern Germany, wallowed in the marsh of underdevelopment until redemption came with the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

Christianity, from Poland, became the Achilles heel of Communist Russia. The old Soviet Union splintered after 70 years. The same number of years that God had promised Daniel that Israel would accomplish in the desolation before deliverance would come. The people surged into the churches with such a hunger and thirst that surpassed human understanding, shaming all liberal and Marxist permutations. 70 years of brainwashing could not quench the thirst for Christ.

While America rots, God is raising China. Christianity is recording its fastest growth yet. Today, of every 10 Chinese one is a Christian. For a country with a population numbering nearly 1.4billion. This is already huge. The Aniches’s of God would always triumph in the end.

Tertullian, one of the leading fathers of Christendom, had said, the blood of the saints is seed. Even though believers in Nigeria are going through its worst Christian persecution since the founding of our nation.

Nothing is new under the sun. We have seen this before, by the trials and triumphs of believers who through faith inherit the kingdom. That is why we still testify. God indeed, is our refuge and strength. A present help in trouble. Therefore, will not we be afraid, though the earth be removed and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea. Ps. 46. 1-2.

Comfort ye, my people.

Have a great Sunday.

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