“Father,’ said I, ‘do you see, let us say, this vessel lying here to be a little pitcher, or something else?’ And he said, ‘I see it to be so.’ And I replied to him, ‘Can it be called by any other name than what it is?’ And he said, ‘No.’ ‘Neither can I call myself anything else than what I am, a Christian.” (St. Perpetua in her diary).

St. Perpetua was a young mother of noble birth and lived in the late 2nd Century AD in Carthage, present day Tunisia. She accepted Christ in her 20s at a time it was risky to profess Christ. Refusing to bow to the Emperor’s ritual sacrifice, she and Felicity, a heavily pregnant slave girl were arrested, tried and sentenced to death by public execution. Felicity was to give birth in jail. They were however given ample opportunity to recant, and worship the Emperor but they rejected the offer. On the day they were to be publicly executed Perpetua”s father came to the gallows with her breast-feeding son if perchance she would spot the boy and change her mind. But she would not.

To make sure her death was a painful one, they were thrown to a leopard to be mauled. When it became clear that the beast could not, an amateur executioner was assigned to kill them. The man struck several blows but could not despatch them to death. It was reported that Perpetua had to, on her own, guide the sword to her own throat whereupon she passed on after the man slashed her gullet. The death of Perpetua became one of the most celebrated Christian deaths of that century. She gave the world the legacy of the Prison Diary which she kept while awaiting execution. .

With their death they brought the Emperor to his knees and contributed, in no small measure, to the abolition of the practice of worshipping Emperors. Today Ss Perpetua and Felicity are venerated in many Christian Churches.

In our time, we have other Perpetua’s. Women, who like Queen Esther, would arise to do what is right with the declaration, “If I perish, I perish.” Their current version is Dr. Stella Imanuel. Even Madonna has hailed her. And if Christianity would survive, we need the Esthers, the Perpetuas and the Stellas of this world. Stella would ever be a celebrated heroine.

On a bright summer afternoon, Dr. Stella Imanuel, a plump, chocolate complexioned, velvet voiced middle-aged woman, stirred the hornet’s nest. It was the period of the Coronavirus pandemic. The world lived in fear and there was panic everywhere. Husbands could no longer sleep near their wives. Children kept safe distances from their parents. Cities became ghost towns while communities and neighbourhoods were split apart. Hunger was everywhere and the poor were the more hit as people could not go to work.

While the gale of eerie disease swept across the globe, US politicians sought to take advantage of the pervading atmosphere of doom to make election gains. Being the leading nation of the world, all eyes were riveted on America. The Conservative Party in power sought every means to cheer their nation up, while the Democrats sought to make gains from the death tolls as the mounting tally of obituaries was debited to the account of the party in power in order to sink it.

But Stella Imanuel, was incensed by the costly game of using human lives as fodder to feed the flames of political pyrotechnics. In July 27, 2020, she appeared in a media event organized by a league of American medical doctors, known as America’s Frontline Doctors. She declared that Americans needed not die and that there was help. She stated that she had cured 350 patients of COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc. That prohibiting the use of HCQ and letting Americans die to smear the President to win elections was akin to the NAZI party sending the Jews to the gas chambers.

Indeed, up until the nearly 6 months of the disease, with a death toll of over 700, 000 globally and 160,000 in the US. Not one was a congress man, nor a governor. There were feelings that there was a secret thing these were doing which they did not allow the ordinary folks to know. Months later, the record of deaths from the virus was coming down. From 8 percent in some countries to 2.1 percent others. Many countries, it was feared were relying on the combination therapy declared by Dr. Imanuel. But nobody would speak out as countries were afraid of the global pharmaceutical industrial machine and the powerful liberal media controlled by the Democrats. Only France was bold enough to confirm their use of HCQ. But the Media held the power of life and death. Only one view mattered, the view that fitted liberal narrative.

As the world was caught under siege, Dr. Stella stepped out to boldly declare, that HCQ works and all hell was let loose. The entire global media run by global liberals descended on her. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube removed the video from their platforms reinforcing fears that the big techs were already in bed with liberals and were part of a sinister global vaccine agenda.

Dr. Stella was born in 1965 of Cameroonian parentage. She attended the University of Calabar, Nigeria, where she studied medicine. After a stint in her home town she went to the United States, where she set up a thriving practice as a paediatrician and an Emergency Response Physician. Dr. Stella had a very successful career. She had practiced medicine for over 30 years without any record of malpractice.

A devout Christian, she was able to effectively profess her faith even while actively involved in the practice of medicine. She was concerned that many people were dying in the face of available capacity to be treated if presented early. She went further to challenge CNN reporters and some senators to come forward for some urine test as proof they were not on prophylactic doses of HCQ. The last time I checked, no one was yet able to come forward and the floodgate has opened and many Doctors are writing or testifying to the efficacy of HCQ.

Dr Imanuel is founder of Fire Power Ministries, and also hosts a radio television show – Fire Power, a success coach, and author of several books. She believes Christians should be battle axes against the surge of immorality plaguing the world such as sex outside marriage, LGBTQ, bestiality and polygamy among others. These are all universal ills which the Bible and Christianity condemn. The mainstream media has been on her jugular ever since she spoke out. They ridicule her and smear her practice to obviously destroy her and make her an example to intimidate and cower believers.

In that press event, Dr. Stella never canvassed any Christian claims, but right now her faith has become the target of the media hit-men. The same media that have promoted unscientific practices like yoga, acupuncture, feng shui and other Chinese and Indian therapies unrecognised by empiricism. They are today deriding her Christian teachings. A fake biography of her has been posted on Wikipedia, usually a cesspool of hodgepodge pieces of information often spurned by professors as acceptable reference sources.

The early Christians were not Saints because they were perfect. They were Saints because they believed and professed their faith. The Bible warned that nobody should disqualify us by insisting on false standards. What mattered is that you believe and strive continously. Falling here and rising again.

Stella us not perfect but by her single stroke she removed the veil of darkness over COVID-19. In doing this she put a wedge in the plot of those who were benefitting from the state of things. She declared, “if this is going to be the hill on which I am going to be nailed, so be it.” We hear the voices of Queen Esther and St Perpertua, who even though were dead, yet are speaking till today.

Pray for Dr. Stella Imanuel and disregard every negative press about her.

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Rom 8:37-39)

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