Liz Cheney, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, has been hounded out of the US House of Representative with a resounding loss at the Wyoming Primaries to Trump endorsed Harriet Hageman. What happened in Wyoming on August 17, again reminds every politcian that constituents are kings – you don’t secure people’s votes and then go to Washington and do your own bidding, “leave your base and your base will leave you.”

Liz Cheney epitomizes the age-old saying that he who comes to the court of equity must come with clean hands. It has been a big wonder how the daughter of a man that led America into one of the most reprsehensible wars in the US history wuld now be the one to preach truth to a people who knew how the war in Iraq was based on lies, without first apologising to America.

Her hateful and Neocon gate-keeper role had led her to spearhead the attack on Trump in the egregious J6 panel led to her driving nails into her political coffin. Now her house has come crumbling with just her securing a woeful 29 percent to Hageman’s 66 percent, a margin never seen in Wyoming’s 80s primaries history.

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