By Uche Aguoru
Despite the propaganda and lies against him, Prof. Eleazar Uche Ikonne, the PDP governorship candidate and incoming governor of Abia state has continued to forge ahead in his mission of reaching out to the electorates with his message of Participatory Governance and TIGER Economy which he is proposing to Abians, and without sounding boastful Prof Ikonne looks good to win the 2023 governorship election.

While he would not descend to the level of responding to the shenanigan being sponsored by the already failed opposition against him and his family, it is a well-established fact even to his detractors that Ikonne is the next governor of Abia state.
As part of their vain efforts to whittle down his popularity some spineless and cowardly opposition elements having failed in their efforts to cast a dent in the integrity of the erudite professor of optometry have resorted to sponsoring fugitives and lunatics to accuse the enterprising children of Prof. Ikonne of all imaginable shenanigan and series of rumours, including the most ridiculous one that his son impregnated the governor’s daughter and another printing question papers when he was the rector of ABIAPOLY and Vice-chancellor of ABSU respectively.
Reading through their fabrications and lies any rational mind will immediately notice abuse of the sensibilities of the reading public to believe that responsible and hardworking children busy pursuing their professional endeavors in different parts of the world, whose paths have never crossed each other and have never shared the same oxygen under one roof would have ever contrived such amorous relationship.
Another question that we should ask those unintelligent liars is how possible it is, biologically speaking, that someone impregnated before a wedding in January will still be four months pregnant in September, is this not extreme abuse of the social media space, how do they imagine that the public can be that gullible?
These set of Yahoo Yahoo Politicians should tell Abians how they intend to improve their lives rather than hire some lunatics and fugitives to insult their sensibilities with unintelligently concocted cheap blackmail aimed at maligning reputable Abians and their innocent families
But like every determined leader, with clear-cut intentions and ideas to lift his people, Prof. Ikonne has remained focused and able to dismantle opposition through subtle and honest political moves devoid of propaganda which regrettably has become common to politicians in Abia state, rather than allowing petty lies and unbelievable propaganda to slow him down, Ikonne has remained focused in managing his political successes and has been working tirelessly towards expanding his support base.
In as much as we are aware of the antics of one chaffy politician who has recruited some fugitive hirelings hiding abroad to concoct and spin lies against Prof. Ikonne and his family, he has remained undistracted and focused on his agenda for the growth and development of our dear state. His achievements, integrity, and laudable works in public service speak for him.
My advice to these set of failed politicians and their hirelings is to appreciate the fact that to everything and everyone under the sun, there are times and seasons and this time is for Prof. Ikonne and no amount of lies and propaganda can stop him, their only option is to accept that power belongs to God and he gives it to whoever He wants irrespective of their lies and propaganda, Abians are smarter and wiser and they know that Ikonne means well, he is prepared, experienced, dogged and competent with a track record of excellence, sincerity, and untainted integrity.
Uche Ndi Abia Mee, Ala Juo Oyi
Aguoru Writes From Umuahia

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